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December 03 2012


Discounted deals

group buyGroup buying is a pulling together of a cluster of consumers and the use of the old rule of thumb, there's power in numbers, to leverage the group size in exchange for discounts. It is where a certain online websites offers products and services at significantly reduced prices on the condition that a minimum number of buyers would make the purchase. In modern time, group buying websites have come into view as a major player in online shopping business. Many of the group-buying sites work by negotiating deals with local merchants and promising to deliver crowds in exchange for discounts. Usually, a "deal of the day", with the deal kicking in once a set number of people that agreed to buy the product or service is said to be featured on these group buy websites.

vending machines for free

It seemed that more different companies have used this concept to build business plans. The concept claims that buyers get tempted whenever they see discounted offers. The not-so-good side about their group buys is that in order to avail certain discounts you will need to wait for some people and wait until the minimum number of buyers sign up for the same offer. On the other hand, buyers seemed to have patience for a group buys discounts. Based from the buyers who have tried, they received a print off coupon to claim their discount at the retailer. For some who seemed to be novice on group buys, there are so many forum sites that claim to help you setup this group buying. Online forum websites where members posts and share anything that they feel like would help in group buys.
politics indeed is full of lies.

Lost Matisse inspires topless protest in Caracas

More than a dozen women wearing nothing but red genie pants demand return of art work to Venezuela

The guards in front of Caracas's Museum of Contemporary Art did not appear to feel too threatened by the protest taking place on their doorstep.

Early one recent morning more than a dozen women wearing nothing but red genie pants gathered at the doors of the institution from where Henri Matisse's Odalisque in Red Trousers went missing, to ask for the prompt return of the painting they were emulating.

The women were photographed by the Venezuelan artist Violette Bule in poses reminiscent of the 1925 post-impressionist work that was replaced with a fake over a decade ago.

"My main goal is to have the original returned but I also want to call attention to the irony behind the way the art market works," said Bule, who masterminded the ensemble. "After this scandal, the Odalisque will surely be worth much more," she added.

Though the painting is said to have been recovered by FBI agents in Miami, details of the operation or the exact whereabouts of the Odalisque – valued at well over $3m (£2m) – have yet to be revealed. Two weeks ago, the Venezuelan attorney general, Luisa Ortega, declared to the press that her two attempts to contact US officials regarding the painting had gone unanswered. No other announcements have been made since.

In the meantime, the mystery behind the theft of the semi-naked woman is leading some to doubt whether the oil painting allegedly offered to the undercover agents is not in fact another copy.

"I am fascinated about how art works are reproduced. At the end of the day, it turns out, that it doesn't really matter if you are looking at the original or at the fake," Bule said.

But for Wanda de Guébriant, who directs the Archive Matisse in France, telling the original from the fake is central to her role. "The FBI called me shortly after the operation happened. They said they'd call again but they haven't. Who knows?" said Guébriant. "Depending on who is involved, sometimes we never find out what happens," she added.

For Guillermo Barrios, an expert in museum studies, the irony is twofold. He said: "After all the attention this has garnered the fake too will worth a lot of money. It's become a cult figure".

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Mr. Passos Coelho's center-right Social Democratic Party won the general election Sunday, defeating the Socialist Party of incumbent Prime Minister José Sócrates, but falling short of having a majority in Parliament.

Such a majority is key to pass harsh austerity measures set out under the aid program with the European Union and the International Monetary Fund. The next government has to present by the end of July a plan to significantly reduce corporate contributions to the social-security system; sell embattled bank Banco Português de Negócios; divest itself of state-owned assets; and reduce costs for dismissing workers, among other measures.



// oAnth

what a curse! - The next revenant [Wiedergänger] of amateurish economic reductionism and systematically imposed pauperism is announced to ravage its society.
Portugal's New Leader Vows Aggressive Reform - WSJ.com | 2011-06-07
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eating the right parts of meat can actually be healthy.

Lesotho: Defence Force Top Brass Facing Court Charge

Commenting a post on lestimes.com about the the Lesotho Defence Force (LDF) top brass facing a court charge after they allegedly ignored a High Court order to accept a junior soldier’s sick leave application, KOTOPE writes:

The answer to all this mess is very simple, LESOTHO DOES NOT NEED ARMED FORCES WHO ARE VERY VERY EXPENSIVE [TO] MAINTAIN, all we need is a MILITARY POLICE joaloka bo Swizerland who would at least benefit the Country by fighting crime and stuff.

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The turning point was in 1980. Right after Margaret Thatcher led Britain’s Conservatives into office and began privatizing at enormous commissions that made the financial sector richer than ever before, the Reagan Administration was elected in the United States. Drexel Burnham led the transformation of the stock market into a vehicle for corporate raiders to take over companies, load them down with debt and pay out profits as interest. Just as real estate speculators hoped to end up with a capital gain, so raiders sought to resell companies at a gain – by downsizing the labor force, shifting to non-union labor, and renegotiating employee pensions downward by threatening bankruptcy as an alternative (leaving the Public Benefit Guarantee Corp. stuck with the bill). As an added bonus, the raider might grab the corporate pension fund or Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) for a quick payout to creditors, as Sam Zell did with the Chicago Tribune. So corporate financialization became destructive instead of productive.
Hinweise des Tages | NachDenkSeiten – Die kritische Website
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December 02 2012

this should lead to tougher security system...

David Harvey and Richard Wolff on the Contemporary Crisis

Interesting conversation with host Charlie Rose. It’s rare to see critics of this caliber on mainstream television:

China: Open Letter from Owner of a Japanese Car to Car-Smashing “Patriots”

The territorial conflict between Japan and China has led to a series of protests in major Chinese cities. Some angry patriots started smashing Japanese vehicles during the demonstration. In response to such action, a Japanese car owner issued an open letter to the patriots. Rachael from Tea Leaf Nation translates the letter and puts it into context.

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via Sarah Robles: The strongest woman in America lives on $400 a month - Boing Boing

Meet Sarah Robles. She can lift as much as 570 pounds. In last year's weightlifting world championships, she bested every other American—both female and male. Sarah Robles is going to the Olympics in London this summer. But at home, in the United States, she lives on $400 a month.

Track star Lolo Jones, 29, soccer player Alex Morgan, 22, and swimmer Natalie Coughlin, 29, are natural television stars with camera-friendly good looks and slim, muscular figures. But women weightlifters aren't go-tos when Sports Illustrated is looking for athletes to model body paint in the swimsuit issue. They don’t collaborate with Cole Haan on accessories lines and sit next to Anna Wintour at Fashion Week, like tennis beauty Maria Sharapova. And male weightlifters often get their sponsorships from supplements or diet pills, because their buff, ripped bodies align with male beauty ideals. Men on diet pills want to look like weightlifters — most women would rather not.

Meanwhile, Robles — whose rigorous training schedule leaves her little time for outside work — struggles to pay for food. It would be hard enough for the average person to live off the $400 a month she receives from U.S.A. Weightlifting, but it’s especially difficult for someone who consumes 3,000 to 4,000 calories a day, a goal she meets through several daily servings of grains, meats and vegetables, along with weekly pizza nights. She also gets discounted groceries from food banks and donations from her coach, family and friends — or, as Robles says, “prayers and pity.”



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hope this will not be used for wrong reasons..

Group buy - a much different way of getting discounted products

group buyHave you always been purchasing stuff through online and not getting any discounts at all? Well you better improve your online shopping skills and try to widen you search for a much better shopping site that offers different types of promotional codes and discounts. You can indeed find hundreds or throusands of online shopping sites offering different products and services at prices at varying price range. But do they offer or honor promotional codes? If not then don't waste your time and money on these type of sites because you can still find online shopping sites which offer great deals and will definitely help you in saving a couple of dollars on product or service that you purchased.

vending machines for free

Apart from purchasing everything alone, you can also try availing products or services through group buys. Ever wonder how this works? Group buy was orginated in China some years ago. This works by connecting with other online shoppers to agree and negotiate with the seller in purchasing a certain product with discounts. Group buy websites are now widely available because most people also prefer to purchase things through a group buying site. So why not try purchasing your favorite products or just anything you wanted through group buys.

Online shopping do provide some benefits especially to people who don't have the luxury of spending hours at the mall. They can window shop, splurge or make great deals with different types of online shopping sites with just a click. Thus, making them convenient and will not consume much of their time compared to making trips to the malls.

No wild black rhinos remain in West Africa, according to the latest global assessment of threatened species.

The Red List, drawn up by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), has declared the subspecies extinct.

BBC News - Western black rhino declared extinct
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